Projections for the Year 2898 AD: Project Kalki

In the realm of science and technology, the future holds boundless possibilities. With each passing year, our understanding of the world around us deepens, and our ability to shape it further expands. As we look ahead to the year 2898 AD, one can only wonder what marvels await us.

Enter Project Kalki, a visionary initiative designed to forecast and speculate the trajectory of humanity’s progress in the upcoming centuries. Drawing on the advancements in artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and genetic engineering, Project Kalki aims to paint a vivid picture of what life might be like nearly a millennium from now.

At its core, Project Kalki revolves around the concept of transhumanism, a belief that human potential can be extended and enhanced through technological integration. We envision a world where the boundaries between man and machine blur, where the human mind can be effortlessly connected to a vast network of knowledge and experiences.

Imagine a society where ailments that once plagued us are no longer a concern. Diseases are eradicated, and the average lifespan is extended significantly. With genetic advancements, humans possess the ability to engineer their physical attributes to an unprecedented degree. No longer limited by nature’s constraints, we transcend mere mortals, embarking on a path of biological evolution.

But it’s not just our physical selves that undergo radical transformations. Project Kalki predicts a future where virtual reality and augmented reality seamlessly merge with our daily lives. Imagine a world where we can explore new realms and dimensions, all while sitting in the comfort of our own homes. Education, entertainment, and communication take on a whole new meaning as we step into a realm where the impossible becomes possible.

With the rise of advanced AI systems, robots become an integral part of society. They assist us in everyday tasks, acting as our companions and even taking on jobs that were once exclusively reserved for humans. This symbiotic relationship between man and machine sets the stage for a future where automation and intelligence work hand in hand to propel us towards unimaginable heights.

While Project Kalki offers a glimpse into a future that is both exciting and daunting, it is important to approach these projections with a sense of caution. As with any advancements, there are ethical considerations and potential ramifications. The need for responsible innovation and the preservation of our collective humanity should be at the forefront



Initially, the film was planned to begin its regular shoot in November 2020, however, it was postponed to the following year due to the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic.[25] Principal photography commenced in Hyderabad in July 2021 on the occasion of Guru Purnima, following a muhurat shot featuring Bachchan.[26] Prabhas and Padukone joined the production in December 2021 and scenes featuring Bachchan, Prabhas and Padukone were shot.[27][28] Second schedule of the shoot took place in February 2022.[29]

Instead of shooting the entire film in a single stretch, the team divided its 80–90 days of shoot into 7–8 days every month. This would allow the production team to take time and prepare the gadgets and property to be used in this science fiction film. Therefore, the production of the film is expected to take longer than usual.[30] DIY Arri Alexa camera is being used to shoot the film, thus making it the first Indian film to use this technology.[31]

Prabhas was expected to start filming his solo portions in April 2022,[32] however, his knee surgery led to a delay of his upcoming projects including Salaar and Kalki 2898 AD.[33] 90% of the shoot is being done in Ramoji Film City.[34] In June, Bachchan shot for a scene at Raidurg metro station.[35] In July, Padukone and Prabhas shot for a car chase sequence in Hyderabad.[36] Prabhas completed shooting majority of his portions by the end of this schedule.[37]

Principal photography of the film was expected to be completed by January 2023, following which post-production and visual effects works would take around 8 months.[38] However the film was still being shot in March 2023 when Bachchan injured his ribs and took rest in Mumbai.[39] Around 70% of the filming was completed by June 2023


Kalki 2898 AD is scheduled to be released in cinemas on 12 January 2024. Initially aimed for a 2022 release, it was delayed due the COVID-19 pandemic and production works.In July 2022, producer Dutt stated that they were planning to release the film on January 2024.

The film is planned to be released in TeluguHindiTamilMalayalamKannada and English languages.

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